You are more.

You are more than a pretty face. You are actually a whole lot more than that in general, but for the sake of argument just roll with me.

I am SO tired of people telling me that I have a “pretty face”. If you are reading this, there’s a high probability you know what context I’m referring to. The “pretty face” in relation to the “that is the only thing that is pretty about you” facial expression. Yep, that one is my favorite.

One guy actually had the audacity to tell me, “You know Izzi, I’m not really into big girls.. but like you’re pretty sexy.” BYE FELICIA. Did you really think that was going to get you in the door? I wish I had thought to tell him that I wasn’t really into assholes, but he was a particularly large one. #notbitter There’s just a certain way to go about these things and body shaming in an attempt to compliment me is not the right path.

I think it is safe to assume that anyone saying these types of things don’t mean to verbally slap you in the face. (mostly anyways.) It is actually a great teachable moment, but sometimes I don’t feel like teaching and that is ok. Tonight is an exception to that feeling.

You’re more. You can always be more, you just have to allow yourself to be.

Never settle. Love yourself more. Then find someone who loves you more.

Don’t allow yourself to be done when you think you are, because you never will be.

I used to think comments like that were harmless, but then I really took a look at how they were manifesting in me. They made my face the most important thing I had and the only thing I thought I could have. That’s not true. I am more than a pretty face. I have a beautiful body that contains my everlasting soul. You do too.

Close your eyes, breathe in deep.

Do you feel that?

That’s your essence.

THAT is who are.

Don’t let them tell you any differently.

Now go treat yoself. #cake


Izzi Marie

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