You’re allowed to have bad days.

I did a Youtube video about a million years ago.

*Side note: Yes, I have a Youtube channel. Yes, it’s an awkward time capsule of who I was for about three years. Yes, you can try to find it, but I will not help you haha.
But seriously, back to the important part. I talked about something that was significant to me, so I thought I would address it again for you here.

Let me first point out the obvious, in that, we are ALL human. We all make mistakes, have goals, dreams and ambitions. We all have great days, followed by horrible ones. I work relentlessly to love my body, and myself. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have days where I dislike myself a little. Sometimes a lot.


What that doesn’t mean, is that I cry myself to sleep every day, because I’m fat.

I don’t hate myself every day.

I don’t hate my body every day.

I know the difference, because I was that girl for a long time. I was that girl when I was 10, 12, and 13. I’m not that girl anymore. I am empowered by my body and the beautiful community that surrounds me.

What that does mean, is that sometimes I have moments or days where I’m not crazy about how everything is coming together. I dislike how my outfit looks on my body. Or that that one stupid hair won’t stick into my bun and I’m about two seconds away from lodging a tin full of bobby pins across the room. 

The idea that a bad day is solely related to my fatness, really pisses me off. You know why? Because when I’m completely in love with myself and having a great day, no one relates that at all to my fatness. This body is mine, 365 days a year – 24/7, but people don’t care about that. People only care when I’m crying about it, because it validates their viscous stereotypes. Well world, I’m not here to validate you. I’m here to validate myself.

For the beautiful people reading this right now, everyone is at a different spot in their journey.

If you’re still that 13-year-old girl with struggles. Don’t fret.
If you’re a 45-year-old woman who still struggles. Don’t worry.

I’m just here to tell you that – if you’re at the point where you are loving yourself, it is alright to have a bad day. And if you’re not there yet, those bad days will become fewer and fewer.

It’s OK.

You don’t start all over just because you need to let a few tears out.

You don’t start all over just because you don’t like how your arms look.

It’s one day.

You reset.

And if it takes you a while to get back to that healthy mindset, just use it as motivation.

It’s your story.

Don’t let them write it for you.

Instead… Just eat some cake.


Izzi Marie

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